Instructors & Training Organizations

To achieve our goal for the establishment of the new school which includes industry evolution and societal transformation, we believe it can only be possible with strategic partnership & collaborative effort with stakeholder personnel and organizations of the society. Hence our instructors are industry leaders/professionals and organizations/brands who have been able to establish themselves as specialist and authority in their chosen career within the industry they operate given their wealth of experience, competence and record/accomplishment they have achieved. Using their wealth of experience and the platform of their routine business activities within or outside of the organization, they administer trainings(Most times on the job trainings) to help develop the potentials and talents of enrollees who have discovered purpose or passion in the career path which they are currently thriving in and ensure the enrollees achieve and sustain success


Organizations and professionals who wish to enlisted as instructors should have been in career at least 5 years with some level of accomplishment milestones and progress recorded. Should provide us a link(website or other links to verify) to their portfolio/professional data to ascertain the above


Instructors easily are able to access contingent staff in their enrollees which help them save cost of hiring core staff

Instructors add another stream of income to their business by attaching fee to the trainings they give using their platforms

Instructors are able to expand reach/scope of potential customers and patronage through the visibility the platform provides


Instructors training especially all trainings excluding academic and professional programme must cover the following

  • Operation & Technical function (Development and process of the product and service)
  • Management & Administrative functions (Harnessing all internal resources and inputs)
  • Business marketing and industry operations (Dealing with external factors and getting paid)

Setting profile

Your bio must include why you are sufficient to handle this course (longetivity in business/profession, awards, speed of success, your contribution so far to individual, industry or social development)

Setting Course overview

creating your courses kindly follow the order below for the preview page

  • The background of the career/course and the situation/ problem that lead to its emergence
  • The growth of the career/industry and its social and economic(statistics is very ok) contribution so far
  • The prospects and opportunity the different niches and value chain offer enrollees
  • who the training is for(basic qualities in terms of character, traits, other customer segments)
  • What enrollees will learn at the end of the program
  • Course outline or scope of training
  • Requirements
  • Type of program (online Academic, offline Academic, apprenticeship, mentorship, fellowship, incubation, internship, volunteering/projects)
  • For all other programs not online kindly add location (the city state and country eg  Egbeda lagos nigeria or houstine texas USA)

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