The New School


One of the greatest battles you must fight and win is to remain you by retaining your uniqueness and pursuing your unique purpose in a world where you are persistently pressured to be like everyone else and thrivehood’s news school aims to bring an end to this battle by using the philosophy of system to establish and publicize an educational system centred and focused on the uniqueness of the individual ensuring its developed and given the freedom to be expressed in a fulfilling and rewarding career and business. We believe in an ideal society where everyone is free to be who they were designed to be and chose to live as that nature defines in confidence to fully express the value of his uniqueness for his fulfillment and the benefit of the whole society

Thrivehood’s new school is both a campaign and our internal educational system aimed at reorienting and establishing the right approach to education by the philosophy of system which must be practical oriented, adopt methods that cater for learners individual differences, talent discovery and development activities, problem solving directed passion and interest centered, purpose driven methods, skill and character development based curriculum. Our new school aims at demonstrating the effectiveness of right kind of education on overall state of happiness and wealth of the society by providing the base template for developing right value system to guide individuals in discovering and effectively harnessing unique potentials as they interact with their environment and for developing policies system and regulations for establishing institutions and effectively administering resources and coordinating their activities

THE NEW SCHOOL with strategic collaboration and partnership with stakeholder organizations and institutions provides platforms, set structure and execute plan of the right kind of education and offer career and business opportunities which translates education to increased happiness abundant wealth and peaceful coexistence for each and every member of the society 



Foundational Program

Includes our compulsory prep course and three other sections mental and emotion health, self and purpose discovery/career guide and Other general courses on life skill for purposeful and effective living as a member of a human society


Developmental Program:

Includes courses and programs for developing skill character to achieve and sustain success in the area of discovered  career/purpose. These includes Academic and professional courses, Talent and skill development courses, career and business advancement courses and national and institutional development courses



Inorder to achieve our goals of redefining and reinstating the value of education which can see to each individual potential optimally exploited for maximizing happiness wealth and peaceful coexistence in the society, we adopt the following mediums and methods solely or combination of two or more of them which is provided by partnering organizations which includes smes, public and private corporations, NGO’s and institutions who are passionate experienced and competent in their specific areas to take on the courses

Online Academic/Professional: Here students undergo full program online focused majorly of theory and academic courses

Offline Academic/Professional: Here enrollees undergo training at designated location by the training organization or as agreed by both parties focused majorly on theory and academic course

Apprenticeship: Here enrollees undergo on the job training by being outsourced as a staff to work with the training organization(No remuneration) and report to them as daily discharge of responsibilities regarding roles assigned him. Enrollees get to in course of their training work or assume several roles and positions to gather necessary experience and skill in all dept and value space within the specific area of profession/business they are hoping to establish a career on. however at the end of the program comprehensive performance report will be given by the training organization to us to certify enrollee as competent in skill and character to start up and establish career in the chosen field:

Internship: Most times this is a complementary to the academic programme they could be run simultaneously or one after the other. Here enrollees also get outsourced as a staff but with shorter on the job training period

Mentorship: Usually for careers in aspect of leadership, politics, management consulting and clergy: enrollees are assigned to a renound leader who heads a ministry, big firm or association or leadership position in public service to work closely with him more like a PA and have the opportunity to after a period act in that capacity in various occasions and situations as deemed fit by the mentor until certified competent in skill and character to start up and establish career in the chosen field:

Incubation: Usually for careers in aspect of talent and sports they assigned to a talent management firm or agency for grooming and offering them various platform and opportunity to undergo training as they express and exhibit their talents and skills. Talent management organizations organizes contest and takes them on programs and registers them for competitions to develop their talents and skill. enrollees

Project&volunteerism: Series of short projects coming from within thrivehood, outsourced project from outside, and especially voluntary organizations campaign and programs will provide training ground for some enrollees to engage on practical situation to learn and develop skill in core areas in line with the career they have chosen


PREP COURSE and other recommended foundational program courses





On completion certificate and comprehensive performance report by training organization are given to each student and also forwarded to thrivehood to further fix or outsource each enrollees who has completed their program to suited job and organizations for full employment