Thrive films

Several synopsis are being converted into scripts for our movie project intended to dramatize how the philosophy can help alleviate worlds problems and achieve the ideal society. The perennial project offers both training, employment, business and investment opportunity to enrollees


This is a carved out offline training/ workshop from our prep-course and medium for New school campaign to spread out, aimed at helping participants get basic knowledge about new school and thrivehood. They are introduced into thrivehood platform to join and obtain all the benefits not accessible in the symposium. The program provides learning platform and job opportunity for enrollees who are trained to go train others

Thrive Farms

This is an investment on Agricultural products where we own and run our own business of farming cultivating wide range of crops. The perennial project offers training platform employment, business and investment opportunity to enrollees. Presently we cultivating 2 acre land of cucumber harvested twice every three months

Idea & Talent contest

Once every month we conduct a general contest among enrollees from all their acts and works enlisted and exhibited on the platform in-order to decide which talent to sponsor or idea to fund and nurture into a formidable brand. Successful startups pay certain percentage of their profits for a period of 5years which is also accrues to funders interests