On course of pursuing our vision and establishing objectives of ensuring that all enrollees are gainfully employed, we constantly have/create openings and seek well equipped and highly passionate individual to join our team. Vacancies and opening stems from internal vacancies on thrivehood, projects, outsourced jobs from external organizations and ideas which emerged into businesses


Thrivehood facilitators take Thrivehood solutions particularly her NEW school project via profit4passion symposium offline to all areas such as schools, organizations, churches, associations, higher institutions and other platforms and conducting trainings for participants


Application is open to undergraduates, corp members, unemployed or anyone who aspires to establish a career and business as a facilitator However, applicants must have gone through the prep course

Job Description

Facilitators are both trained and expected to train participants on identifying developing and directing their talents and passion to their designated purpose and solving problem in society

Facilitators are expected to recruit participants into thrivehood platform where they have access to all the solutions and services regarding their personal career financial and relational success using their unique referal code

Facilitators are tasked with sourcing platforms and conducting the training at the different location and platforms. Need to be able to coordinate all activities and manage materials and resources during the events and provide good report of relevant data of activities, participants and materials after each training

Facilitators would be trained and since our focus is on career development, we aren’t particular about hiring professionals but highly motivated and passionate amateur aspiring facilitators