Policy & Terms

Enrolless begin with A one week Prep course from THE NEW SCHOOL titled profit4passion to have a clearer view of what education is expected to offer you and provide you with those tools for evaluating all educational institutions before deciding to enroll. Self discovery, commercializing talents, relevant skills for the future, directing passion purposefully, curriculum development for school administrators

Certificate of participation and enrollment into thrivehood after the prep course gives you an opportunity to professionalize through further training with our vast partnering organization support including vsonet, daehwood aviation business school etc at highly subsidized fees

Ensures you get apprenticeship and internship places to further practice with real life scenario within the industry of your talents and passion area and increase proficiency

Earn monthly allowances (10% of enrollment package) althrough trainings and internship/apprenticeship periods

Come back to thrivehood to be outsourced for full time employment from numerous vacancies with partnering organizations and clients or integrated into startup team to be funded to grow your own organizations

Sponsors get media publicity on our different online and media platforms maximum period of 6months (terms and conditions apply)

You can start submitting projects and seeking to execute projects as soon as you are enrolled. However you should have gone through our prep course and instructional videos on what the philosophy is about and how to go about projects

Commencement of project depends on availability of funds which depends on number of ongoing projects and number of enrollment of which expected enrollment for commencement of project is 100,000

Project approval depends upon administrative initiative but fundamentally on its conformity to the value of the philosophy of system and the value criteria. Can see the video on how to post a project on the platform for more information when you are added

Project and ideas execution may not necessarily be spear headed by the proposer unless he is certified ok in competence capacity and character to be able to execute. However credit is given him in form of including his name in board, or in case of fresh ideas patent and trademarks

50/50 installment from the profit is shared to the community until project cost is covered then 10% perennially afterwards. Projects that become business and organization are to make available their account records as at when the community needs to ascertain it financial position and 10% of its net profit must be paid to the community as tax

Projects that centers around media must be done under solution virtues media but producer can be any other person

Audit on all accounts takes place every 6months and when an account is found to be inactive for the more than 2years his account is closed and stops to earn profit however if he reappears and provides concrete evidence as to why he has been inactive(not logged in) over the past two year then his account maybe reopened but arrears are not paid he starts to earn afresh

Frequency of income sharing is dependent on projects completion, and on the business accounting policies however citizens get paid on the average per month

Income/earning are shared proportionately according to enrollees sign up package and sign up time (first 20 enrollee of premium package gets 1% of earnings of all other enrollees positioned under him)

Commencement of payment to citizens depends on projects completion and project commencement depends on the available funds which depend on number of enrollment we get. However funds accumulated will be made accessible for usage by enrollees at the end of the year

Funds will most often not be committed to the project proposer/start-up but the community will have the responsibility of approving and making payments to organization and agency that provide all input materials and services for the projects with the help of a project management or business consulting organization/professional

Jobs and contracts
Opportunity for employment for individuals and contracts for corporate organization are not exclusive to community members but are however made open to them first and based on certification by meeting up the value criteria of the project by the philosophy of system, they can be granted but if not; can be outsourced externally. This is to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in project execution for the expected value and profit to be earned

Instructors & Training organizations                                                                                                                                                   Instructors must have over 10 years experience and organization must have existed at least 5 years with proven milestones and accomplishment within specific field/career to qualify to be enlisted. Instructor’s fees has commission deduction of 10% while giving at least 20% discount to all new school enrollees(completed the prepcourse). Hence we remit balance to instructor after deducting our commission and enrollee discount as the case may be

The market is available for both community members and non-members to exhibit their products, services and skill however, commission are charged on trade been executed in the market: 0.5% of the value being traded for members and 3% of the value being traded by non-members

Fee is nonrefundable and renewal of membership is a yearly automatic process of your subscription amount which is deducted from your year’s earnings however subscription package can be upgraded