Month: August 2019

G³ of the Evangelical ministry

This principle from systemism is universally applicable not only to religious circle but also families, corporate and other areas

In the philosophy we say that to achieve sustained happiness peace and prosperity you must identify the area in the system designed to you based on the natural traits, grace, potentials and ability to function and function within the scope/jurisdiction that role and abilities define/permits you. One major problem in life today reason for chaos and frustration many people are facing is that they don’t know who they are and their place is in the system where they are designed to be and function within the scope, they keep trying several things and trying to fit in where they are not cut out for for all the wrong reasons

Now I’ll help you out again. The Evangelical ministry in Christiandom is one of the 5 fold ministry and they are primary responsibility is soul winning the are like the marketing/sales team of the church organization. But we know that not everyone has the grace and abilities to talk to people convincingly and win them over so inside the department we have several roles so you can know based on the natural abilities, grace, potentials and passion/interest where you best fit in

1 Goers – we have the goers who are skillful in talking has great charisma and communicating skill to convince and win people over. They are the once in the forefront of the job of evangelism

2 Growers – These are the coordinators, mentor, leaders, counseling, inspiring, training, who offer foundational support for the goers and givers, they train, Educate, motivate, counsel and even encourage the whole team to keep flame, they revamped fire and release them

3 Givers – These people have great passion for evangelism but they are pained that they can neither face the public of unbeliever to speak or even inspire train and encourage the goers so they decide to do other things but can provide other resources that the goers and growers need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. They provide financial resources, material resouces, their connection to access/gain entrance into some difficult terrain etc

Now you know, find out where you fit in and begin to make your self useful. Happiness and fulfillment in life is tied to your usefulness and you can only be useful when you give in to work and taking responsibilities

In thrivehood, we have all three roles and can further run test to help you ascertain where you best fit in in case you’re not sure. For each roles (givers, growers, goers,) we set it up awesome reward system to earn bountiful from your efforts and contribution

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