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Do This While You’re Waiting For Your Perfect Person

By Sylvia Salow

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People are good at postponing their lives until they meet the right person to share their lives with. We don’t engage in our dreams and goals enough because we think like what is now is not it.

We don’t live our lives like we mean it because we don’t have that wonderful partner by our side who will solve all our issues.

If you’re caught up in between the two worlds and waiting for your other half, then read on.

This is the only solution that you won’t ever regret: choose yourself instead of waiting for someone special. 

Have you ever wondered how much time and energy you spend waiting for the right person? Imagine if you’d invest all that energy into yourself, your projects, your well-being instead.

Choosing yourself doesn’t mean that you must stay single.

It means that you primarily focus all of your energy on yourself and leave other people out of the equation. At least for a while.

It means investing in your dreams and making the courageous decisions that you were postponing. Focusing on yourself also means that you prioritize your desires without being dependent or attached to someone else.

Because when you see someone else as the source of your happiness then you’re prone to get disappointed. The stronger your unhealthy dependency is, the sooner the disappointment comes.

You can never find what you truly seek outside of yourself, be it love or anything else.

Even if you met the perfect partner for you, it wouldn’t solve your problems. I know that many people assume that once they’re with their other half, everything becomes effortless.

I was guilty of this belief, too. And yes, everything can be more comfortable and joyful. But no, it won’t change the person you are.

No one can do the work for you. Others can inspire you and even support you but at last, it’s all up to you.

So if you’d like to become a better version of yourself, now is the time to begin. Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not.

If you get quickly upset now or if you’re bad with money, being with someone doesn’t change that. On the contrary, it can even amplify it.

In a relationship, you become more of who you already are, with all the beauty and ugliness.

Even if you’re with the most fantastic person, you still need to continue working on yourself. Otherwise, you’ll subconsciously sabotage your happiness.

Thus, if your head is spinning around wondering where the right one is, then invest that precious energy into something you can actually impact. The side effect of living your life to the fullest is that the right person will feel drawn to you without you (necessarily) doing anything.

They’ll feel so enamored by you to the point that nothing will keep them away and then it’ll be crystal-clear who the right person for you is.

People are attracted to your inner light more than anything else. When you follow your heart and live like you mean it, then everything and everyone that belongs to you will find their way to your life.

I know that sometimes we freak out and worry about whether we end up lonely with two cats, but if someone is meant to be in your life, they will be.

You can release the control and worry and turn the attention to becoming that beautiful and empowered creature you already are within.

Choosing yourself is the smartest decision you can make. Moreover, you’ll stop feeling like a crazy person who is just thinking about being in a relationship

Speaking the philosophy of system


Episodes 27

5 things to consider in making choices to avoid disappointments

I want to talk about expectations and reducing disappointment. Someone said where there are no expectations there’s no disappointment. Man’s self esteem is the fuel pumping out to keeping hope alive in confidence that he can acheive what he expects from activities but when he shifts that responsibility to another and trusting his hope and confidence in them then that’s where the disappointment come from and depending on the degree of trust and delicate quantity and value of substance he entrusted to them determine degree of damage and pain of disappointment he will experience if the outcome isn’t expected

To reduce it to the bearest minimum the possibility of being disappoint (not making error ooo the possibility of getting disappointment you let people and systems pass your trust test before you entrust them with expectations you hope they deliver on

Begin with little and test the waters for how faithful or trustworthy the person or system can be
Check out what they say and try to match with their actions
Check out for consistency
Check for how long they have stayed true to what they believe and represent

I can’t count how many people I have given money for transaction, HOW MANY ladies I have given my heart to, how many schemes I have invested money in, how many that I was left disappointed because my expectations for the investment wasn’t met and funny enough I can count a couple of people I have also disappointed and in careful investigation I realized the following are factors which I shouldn’t have neglected to guide/inform my decision on enthrust something of great value expecting improve state or worst case actual state. Since we can’t do everything alone and values upon which survival and happiness depends on is dispersed in different individuals and entities across locations hence interdependency but to depend on someone for support and supply of value and escape pain of disappointment if we don’t get the essential support and supply of value as expected we consider the following although not limited to them but for the purpose of this post we limit them to five

1 Power source connectivity: As we uphold in philosophy of system/systemism that everyone and everything is interdependent and interconnected to an ultimate power source through which it access inexhaustible supplies of power to perform and deliver however if they are not properly fixed into their place in the system, the connections won’t be able strong and the flow of power that enable them perform won’t be available and which makes them unfit to be entrusted. This may sound abstract as to how one can ascertain who is connected and how well they are fixed to the system to ensure that the never run out that’s why you have to order for my online course where it’s explain in details and this factor supercede all others even when they don’t meet up with others and they have this, you can go for them. If I intend to invest in real estate I look out for common sense LTD and petinence limited based on this criteria, if I want a consultant for in corporate structure, person and human resource development I go for olakunle soriyan and the likes based on this criteria. if I want to give my heart commitment in marriage I consider this factor, if I want to invest in a country or particular location, I consider this but once this connection is ascertained to be available and the entity you intend to trust with something of great value is rightly and strongly fixed/attached/connected then you have no problem

2 Time/duration: Most of the investment and business error I have made hiterto was due to ignorance of this. Before you trust a person or organizations or system with something of value expecting of greater return you must consider the length of years they have been in existence, in consistent with their value and mission and how they have grown over the years, that’s why ladies prefer older men for relationships because of length of the experience and talking about investment, it’s safer to commit to the hands of a company or scheme that has stood the test of time. The longer the years the more guarantee that they’ll deliver. even employers are more at rest with employing candidate/staff with longer years of service

3 Area of competence/specialty – how can you give yam to goat and expect the goat to keep it safe? Disappointment is certain if you are giving something of value to someone who is not capacity or competent to manage it and provide return value you expecting. It’s like what most corporate organizations do in recruitment they employ people and assign roles/duties to people outside of their area of natural abilities, competence and interest and they wonder the underperformance and disappointment they get from low productivity and revenue. In love I can only trust a lady with areas of my interest where I have seen her demonstrate interest, competence and abilities in the lives of others especially in her previous relationship that’s why it’s important to ascertain the reason for breakup with previous relationship that it’s not a character issue but just irreconcilable differences

4 Acceptance: many people have fallen victim of disappointment because of this error of giving/entrust to individuals and organizations against their wish that’s why you hear things like cars parked at owners risk Even if it’s like guarantee trust bank if they are not ready to accept responsibility even though they have proven to be competent and reputable never entrust. Ladies and guys do this in matters of love too you see his nice responsible cute and we’ll behaved but he is not ready for relationship but because you already love him you cajole/persuade him into having an affair with you, your expectations most likely will be cut short. Let them be ready to accept the offer because many things can hinder a person/organization to not meet up with your demands/expectations and if you try to force yourself on them, you will often times disappoint

5 Quality of referees/witnesses: Who are the people that can attest to the capability competence and character of the system, organization or individual who you intend to enthrust something of value to and what is their pedigree. The more reputable organization and individuals associated and can attest to the person, system or organization you want to engage or invest in, the better the decision to invest. For instance if I see a company call for investors and I see supported by central bank, BOI, TVC and so on; I have more guarantee in their delivery than another who doesn’t have reputable individuals and organizations with high pedigree associated with their brand. So it’s not really about the number of people that can attest to the genuineness/competence of the scheme/system/products etc but it the pedigree of such people. Case study of MMM no reputable organization or individual attestation

Let’s continue in next episode

Signify if you got value and from today you consider this factor before you decide on who or what to entrust your valuable resource to

Speaking the philosophy of system


Episodes 26

Inorder to meet some financial needs, it sometimes makes sense to take loan to buy certain thing especially if that thing is very important and you don’t have the cash to get it.

However, there are also sometimes, when it completely makes no sense to make decision to borrow money to make certain purchases.

So, before you make a move to take a loan, think about the purchases you want to buy with it. If it’s not a need, you’ve got to be very careful not to push yourself into a needless debt.

You might not know the implication of this on your finance now, but if you’re not buying any of these with the money you borrow.

1.   Marriage

Borrowing money for marriage is not ideal.

Getting married is one of the exciting life goals a lot of young people are looking forward to. For many of them, the ceremony has to be loud and many others want it low-key. Whichever way you want it, don’t borrow money to fulfill a life choice like marriage.

Starting a journey together with your partner with loan and high interest hanging on your neck could make the journey difficult. In the early days of your marriage, you should be talking about savings and meeting some life goals together with your partner, not paying debt. Remember the foundation your marriage is built upon is more important than the wedding party.

2.   Jewelry

A vintage costume jewelry

Jewelry like engagement ring, bracelets, diamond necklace and so on are very expensive. It may seem like a good news that a store is giving you a discounts on that expensive ring you really like to buy, it still doesn’t make any financial sense to take a loan to buy such an item.

3.   Vacation

There’s no point borrowing money to spend on vacation.

Most vacations last a weak or less and if you borrow money to buy this experience, you won’t just have good memories, you’ll also have a constant reminder that you’re owing someone a substantial amount of money.

You’ll feel and enjoy your vacation better if you can just wait a little and save up to buy this experience rather than putting yourself in an avoidable financial strain.

4.   Furniture and electronics

A man sitting on a sofa looks at a Sharp Corp’s Aquos TV at an electronics retailer in Tokyo

We understand you want your apartment to look good with god furniture and electronics. There’s nothing wrong with that but how do you intent to acquire these god things? If you’re planning to buy your TV, sofa and other pieces of furniture with loan, you’ll be making a huge financial mistake.

5.   Phone

Mobile Phones

Everyone likes the idea of using the latest smartphone but borrowing money to buy expensive phone that won’t yield any return is a financial blunder. The worst part of it is, even if you use the phone for a few day and sell it to pay your debt, you can’t sell it for the same amount you bought it and then again, you’ll still have to pay interest on the loan

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Episodes 25

Reality is what it is, perception is what we think it is which may be true or false but our hope of recognizing and obtaining guaranteed and eternal value lies in our utmost loyalty to the acquiring of knowledge to screw our world view until we capture reality as it is, upon which we are sure to make best decisions

Anything not based on truth cannot guarantee we achieve and sustain happiness or what ever value we seek eternally. it will always be like mirage or vapour because in life there’s more that meet the eyes than it can possibly see and that which is unseen greater stake determining turn out and must never be ignorance when gathering source data for making analysis and arriving at decision or action

You see this life now eh? I mean today’s world almost everything is fake, people live and present fake lives, no one is real or appreciate realness that’s why value today is prevailing on perception not reality. Many people have come to accept perception as reality and inorder to obtain the value on which their survival and happiness is guaranteed they tend to modify or outrightly alter the value they have to fit into the perceived value of those they know can afford to pay for the value they have to offer. This in today’s world has become a tool to help destroyed the base of sustainable development of society which makes individuals get real value from products and services that will drive their performance increase productivity and maximize the potentials to attain state of immortal relevance. Universal appeal, global recognition and eternal relevance is what define real value and operating on perception cannot identify and accept the real value as real.

I mean what is of value which determines acceptance and price a person is willing to pay is based on perceived value instead of actual value and in today world, this ideology has robbed people of the obtaining the essential value required to guarantee happiness and success as they make decisions choices on options they perceive as value instead of employing objective standard to ascertain what is of real value and you can imagine how much peace, money, job, investment people have lost trending this biased base for evaluating options and make choices.

Packaging is just a way to take advantage of the weaknesses of humanity operating by perceived value inorder Rob us of real value which is more expensive for some cheap and temporary benefits to ensure you never get permeant solution to the problem and have you keep you eternally dissatisfied as the rich condemnation man in lake of fire paying huge sum for a drop of water on his tongue what great torture. Stop loosing real value because you don’t perceive them based on your biased judgement as value you are wasting away your resources and worst lifetime to move progress towards the accomplishment of your divine purpose of creation

This cancerworm is evident in almost all areas of society people deceive themselves and producers with zero integrity and no sense of eternal purpose will feeding the ignorance and falsehood upon which this perception errors thrive. I could have two people offering me different product one may not appeal to my perception value although most effective and the other does appeal but isn’t effective but because man has refused to step up to the place of reason and deep insight level of his best fit operations he focus on making decisions on perceived value- the degree of appeal to the eyes and emotions. You ask how do I get stop falling into wrong choice due to perceive value errors to better choices maximize value in the minimum cost. Follow up with me on subsequent episodes of life choices to discuss standard of value needed to evaluate beliefs system and perception value of things

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Episodes 24

You have missed countless opportunities and chances of getting married, finding true love, starting and sustain a successful business, joining the right team, right investment etc and will continue to miss more chances – it’s not a curse until you change or readjust that sensor in your mind which help you to recognize or identify real opportunities and tell you the exact one to go for – that censor is your beliefs system/value system

Let me start with this truth, that you may have come across the answer to your problems or it may even right now be present/very close but you don’t recognize it because there are so many of them coming putting themselves in your face at the same time and because of limitations of process capacity of your mind, you can only capture a few, process fewer then make decisions by the answer your mind provides as an output. Sadly many more useful information on what our lives need to progress is filtered out or not been caputred. This factor which determine the things that actually get our attention and pass to be processed is our beliefs system/value system

Now, your beliefs system is standard for scaling and evaluating options Among billions of information and limit it to what capacity the mind can process and choose from and philosophy is the best foundation test prove the correctness of our beliefs system. The problem now which is unfortunate is that people beliefs system which supposed formed based on the essential of unique nature as individuals but they form beliefs system based on the public opinions, perceived superior personality, media, movie, gossiping, books, tv program friends and dreams

Every single day each of us to constantly bombaded by different information seek our attention to control our direction. If our minds are to process all these information all ones and present us with valid conclusion in order to set us in a particular direction from the information gotten from that external source, then the mind will begin to malfunction and definitely have the person resolve to a psychiatrist.

Knowing this worst still at this present age of internet and social media where the volume of data we come in contact with daily maintain focus or getting attention become very difficult because the mind has narrow funnel for accepting and processing information

The filter which determines which information eventually gets in and process from which knowledge which directs actions towards achieving goals is called the beliefs system or value system. Now this is critical it’s your beliefs system irrespective of the value of the information out there among the ones being present to you that would turn your life around for good

This is crucial, now as a lady, I could be looking for a husband but I come in contact with very many guys online and offline although the right one for me lives in my compound but I have in my beliefs system; that it’s wrong idea to date people in same compound, jobless, drive red car etc . So even though the ideal husband for me with whom my happiness and success is guaranteed fits in that space, my beliefs system automatically filters information of him away from being processed as potential husband and we accept and choose among the ones who fit that specifications according to the belief system we uphold – this process by which one uses belief system to perceive his environment and focuses/capture/pays attention to particular kind of information admist millions is called selective perception

Now such ladies continue to experience heart break and disappointment (even if eventually get married) because among the alternative her beliefs system provides for her to choose from, the right one doesn’t exist (not among) and until the belief system is change/reprogrammed she will never be able to find right man not because they don’t exist but because her beliefs system automatically disqualified them from the few the mind can now consider and process

The worst now becomes that these people operating on false beliefs system bringing them disappointment will begin to change who nature has designed them to be for divine purpose, just to fit into the perceived ideal of the ones(guys) she approved for her to be accepted and now justifies it as sacrifice of love – wherea person give up some attitude and traits (natural/divinely installed in you) to fit in to a subjective perception of another there by altering their unique nature and rendering themselves incapable of fulfilling the purpose/assignment for creation

This is a matter of supreme urgency, if we are to increase our chances of making better decisions we have to incresse the number of right alternatives to choose from and this can only be possible by reevaluating and reengineering your value/belief system.

Want to know how to assess your present value/belief system you have if it’s right and to readjust or change it? Then follow with life choices episodes for PART 2 of this topic -evaluating and establishing the right belief system

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Episodes 23

There Are 5 Stages of Love and Only the Strongest Couples Pass Stage 3

One of the reasons for making wrong decisions is when you are not preinformed/unaware about the possible consequences/challenges accrued to of each choice/alternative to enable you evaluate and prepare before making a decision, could be decision to quit job, or take job, start or quit business, go into or pull out of relationship or marriage. Whichever like Ayn Rand said man is free to choose but his not free to escape the consequences of choices he has made

You’ve probably heard the expression that forewarned is forearmed and relationships are no exception. Experts believe that all relationships go through particular stages and one of them is actually pretty critical. In this article we look at these stages and what you may need to be prepared for.

We at Bright Side found it very interesting that all couples go through the same set of stages and can’t wait to tell our readers about them.

Stage 1: New love

You just met someone special and everything is in the honeymoon phase. You have butterflies every time you see your new love, every touch is electric, and every kiss is endless. You look at your phone every few minutes to see if you have a text from them. Deep inside you know that you look silly, but who cares. Well, my dear, you are clearly in love.

Capture in your mind how you feel right now, you may need it later to refresh your memory.

Stage 2: Settling down

You feel that it’s serious and you’re ready to commit. Normally at this stage, 2 people move in together, so let’s call it a “couplehood.” Well, that’s when you might realize that real life is not always giggling and flirting. You’re still trying to spend as much time together as possible, you want to share all your thoughts and feelings, you always ask your darling how their day has been, and you are sincerely interested in their answer. However, routine starts to contaminate the euphoria. It’s like finding the difference between traveling and immigration, the destination is the same, but the responsibilities are totally different.

Don’t lose that twinkle between the 2 of you. Dedicate some time just for you 2, go for a nice relaxing walk or to see a movie. Keep that bond, it’s very special and very delicate.

Stage 3: Routine and disappointment takes place

You still have strong feelings for your other half, but something seems to be different. You don’t feel as excited about spending every minute together as you used to. Everyday responsibilities, bills, work commitments, and housework gets in the way of romance, and sometimes you feel trapped in all this routine and begin to ask yourself if you have made the right choice. This is the most dangerous part of the relationship and if you manage to cross it together, there’s a good chance that the hardest part is over.

Work on keeping the spark, your partner is still the same person that you fell in love with. Try to always remember the feelings you had from the days when you were just dating. And remember that life is not just about your kids, you deserve some time for yourself too.

Stage 4: Stability  

At this stage, you feel very secure in your relationship, you see each other as who you really are. You may not feel like you’re floating on clouds like you did in stage 1, but the 3rd stage of misery is over. You’ve also learned to give each other some space, you understand that your partner may have their own likes and dislikes, hobbies and habits, and it’s OK, you don’t have to be like Siamese twins all the time. You both can stay who you are as individuals and still keep your bond.

Stage 5: Commitment

If you got to this stage, congratulations, you’ve become a real lifetime team. You no longer miss the first romantic stage because you are very comfortable with your relationship and can’t even imagine it being any different. You have also accepted that we are all perfect in our own imperfections.

Teach your kids how you’ve maintained your feelings throughout your life, of course you’ve been through some challenges together, but true love can handle those.

Can you relate to these stages? Do you have your own recipes for how to pass the critical part? We would love to know what you think about this.

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Episodes 23

It’s popular and proven economic theory that due to scarcity of resources (especially time) choice is inevitable and we definitely have to sacrifice other alternative for the options we choose. Because you are free to choose but you are not free to escape the consequences of the choice you have made and so when considering choice of love partner/marriage, the following must I repeat the following must never be sacrifice for love or marriage. If you do, you will live to deal with the consequences of that sacrifice

Relationships come with their own challenges. Successful relationships lead to a happy marriage and this is what many people aspire for whenever they decide to get into a serious relationship. 

When one gets into a relationship, he or she will be expected to sacrifice some things in order for the relationship to work. However, you should be careful not to give up the things that really matter to you.

Here are three things you should never sacrifice in the name of love.

 1. Friends

Friends who add value to your life are very important and you should never let them go. At times falling in love with someone can separate you from your friends but you will need these friends regardless of whether the relationship works or not. They will be the ones to give you hope and support. 

  1. Family

Family is very important as your parents and siblings play a major role in your life. You should, therefore, maintain a good and effective relationship with your family even when you are in love. 

  1. Job/career/calling

You shouldn’t leave your job or calling in the name of love. It is common for couples to leave their jobs because their spouses have asked them to. This is not always the best decision as you can break up with your partner and you’ll be left jobless, desolate and desperate. 

Now you know

Hope you have made a decision to either remain single than sacrifice any of these 3 in the name of love/marriage

Speaking the philosophy system


One of the greatest asset you have in life is time, you are expected to be able to accomplish your purpose of existence and attain global recognition, respect, relevance, reward and rememberance eternally and you can afford to make wrong choice which would waste your time and have you start over again

And when it comes to matter of love and finding the right partner you can not afford to waste time or allow some one who is not serious or meant for you to come and just lead you on. So it’s better to take the right decision to pull out right on time before…..

Perhaps you just got into a new relationship, or you’ve been dating someone for a while, but either way, you’ve found yourself feeling a bit worried about your future together, looking for signs your relationship won’t last. 

You probably feel your partner is pulling away a little, or maybe your passion for each other is beginning to fade. Or you just have weird feeling deep down in your gut that something isn’t right and you don’t even really know why. Then pay attention to these signs and make the right decision

4 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last Long

  1. Your passion for each other is fading

When you feel your passion for your man or even just your passion for everything in general fading, then you know you’ve got a real issue to deal with. Also, if your man seems like he has lost interest in doing things he once enjoyed, that could be a sign, because it shows that he (or if it’s in your case, you) no longer really care. When your guy no longer has preferences, it usually means he has one foot out the door already.

  1. He goes hot and cold on you

This is a huge sign that your guy might be getting ready to check out of your relationship. If you’re constantly confused about where you stand with him or how he feels about you, that’s definitely a problem. It doesn’t show that he’s on the fence about things, but it’s also frustrating for you if one week he seems cold and distant, and the next he’s showing you all of the affection in the world.

  1. You fight more often than before

The occasional fight or disagreement is very normal, but increased (and frequent) fighting especially over issues that seem small and petty can be a red flag for sure. If your partner picks a lot of fights with you, it could be a sign of some greater unhappiness. Most times, if someone is being extremely argumentative about minor things, they are holding onto deeper issues that they’re struggling with.

  1. He sseems distant and withdrawn

If your guy seems distant or withdrawn from you lately, it just might be that he’s going through a rough time — maybe work has been stressful lately, or there’s some family drama going on behind-the-scenes. But, his distance from you could also be an indication that he’s no longer truly happy or invested in your relationship anymore, especially if he doesn’t seem very present or thoughtful when he’s with you. It might be a tell tale sign that he is feeling smothered or not happy in the relationship.

What have you decided to do now about that relationship?

Remember your time waster is life waster don’t start what is already failed venture

Speaking the philosophy of system


Ecclisiastics 7 I think the last verse talks about how God has made LIFE to be very easy but in our strive for development and sofistication has greatly complicated things

Almost all consultants etc would tell you when coming into the market place as a business offering solution or as an individual seeking employment that you must have a vision, mission, core values, policy, career objectives etc. Now while all these aren’t bad I think there’s just so much complexity especially for people at early stages of business or starting career or relationship, that leaves many confused, fraustrated and loose focus, which essentially affect their self esteem and effectiveness, if they are unable to Meetup with this trend

3 things are of greatest importance in life whether as a business owner, job seeker, or social relevance/impact and even without a clear vision you are good to go and bet me you will succeed

✔️ Be self aware of your unique value : know what you have which is unique to you. That ability, idea, thought, strategy, talent, viewpoint or something that may look weird but just easy to come by and flows naturally from you. Just ensure you know what it is and let it be what you use to introduce/present yourself to the market(organizations, individuals, group etc). Let them know you by that unique skill

✔️ Test and observe the solution there in : Find out and be certain about how to use it(unique talent potential value ideas etc) to reduce someone’s pain or increase someone satisfaction. If people are either suffering or they want to attain greater height find out how that unique idea, strategy, talent can hear put them in the desired state. So I can draw very well and I want to figure out what this drawing can do for someone can it heal? Can it restore sanity, can it inspire or can it excite ? Once I’m able to ascertain what solution my unique ability can offer then am closer

✔️ Seek platforms and show up : finally is to find platform which offers you the opportunity to show what you have and Grant you the privilege of using to provide that solution. So it doesn’t matter if it’s business i want to do, or a job I seek or social acceptance in any form of relationship all I do is to show up and introduce myself by my unique abilities and the solution it can give then seek their approval to give you opportunity to use what you have to do what you can inorder to reduce their pain or increase their joy finish. So I want to toast a girl I say I am this I have this ability which can solve this for others and plead/ask for a chance to do the same in her life and contribute to either reducing her pain or increasing her joy permanently. This works universally same for seeking employment, want to belong to social network and be recognized, want to go into business and succeed in the market place? Want to be friends with someone? Anything it’s universal

Don’t worry again next time you are not able to craft out that complex vision mission etc even that one you have now you know it’s not corresponding with your unique value and what you are doing,

oga just start from this thing I highlighted here and thank me later

Please drop your questions and comments

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Episodes 21

One of the greatest test for our faith which qualify us for what God has in store for us is the test of patience and what you decide to do within that space of time until the harvest come can make or mar it because destiny realization is on the hands of our decision

It becomes more difficult when you look at your life and you see that you have been faithful, you have not compromised, you are doing your bit but you are not getting the results, the others that are getting it aren’t more qualified, more intelligent, more passion more whatever but they are flying high why has God chosen to punish me like this you argonize. Site verses

And you know it really doesn’t cost God anything or affect him in anyway to bless you and I mean it doesn’t even depends on how good or righteous you are because God can use the most insignificant thing to bring you to success. I have seen people Get jobs when they didn’t apply, I have seen people just find their spouses at a twinkle of an eye and marriages has been blissful after so many years, I have seen examples success video out of just little rant on social media, I have seen guys. But God has a greater agenda so he doesn’t want you to start bearing fruit far too early until you are strongly rooted in ground of your faith in God and grown in stem to hold the kind of glory awaiting you

I cry almost Everytime until I realized this, I cry every day and am like ah I can’t hang on any longer, after the tithe and sacrifice giving, after keeping my sexual purity over 30years now yet to connect to my soulmate, saved and invest severally all down the drain, never been a pain to my parents or anyone I come across, I have at least been blessing as much as I can, God how long do I have to wait, I am fucking brilliant and creative but why is that the world is ignoring the ideas and solutions I’m offering them in the vision/ideology of thrivehood I’m presenting to them

This also could be you. I want you to know that as a tanker of fuel it takes longer to get filled and several other motorcycle and cars can come later be filled before you and progress but you can serve greater essence than all of them all when you are filled

Please don’t abort the process, when the cooking is ongoing if you stop it on the way you get a half done food, can’t get a delicacy and you won’t enjoy it and can even be a poision to you if you eat food that is not well cooked just because you can’t wait.

Stay on him, God is testing your patience, God is testing the total trust on him by delaying, God wants to use your story as platform to manifest greater dimension of his glory please don’t burst it

You decision today to offer your self to believe and wait on him uncompromisingly even if it means waiting for eternity

Speaking the philosophy of system