Month: March 2019

Maximizing learning opportunities

Having role models, mentors and some people who you look up to, to learn from doesn’t mean you surrender your individuality, because as soon as you loose your uniqueness just to be like another, you loose your flavour taste and essence as a unique being

Learning process is a making process but you must know that the purpose of your learning isn’t to surrender your uniqueness but to develop, refine and build on it because that’s the plus you have with which you can outshine even those you learnt from

You learn by action, imitation, observation and by revelation but the noblest of them all is revelation

What revelation have you about yourself and what to learn from others relevant to improving your uniqueness?

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An effective educational & economic process

Any society structured according to the philosophy of system adopts the below process as we do

1 – one time contribution of the learner’s for infrastructure development in preparation for their employment

2 – going through 3 years training in line with their natural abilities and potentials by already established and thriving organizations/professionals using industry knowledge and training on the field covering operations, internal management and responding to external factors for growth and sustainable development

3 – absorbing all learner’s who completed training via outsourcing them to organizations/institutions in the same field, grouping and establishing them as start-ups, initiation of businesses and projects across sectors to recruit these graduates

This is our process influenced by the philosophy of system

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Episodes 7

I for once don’t believe in and can never subscribe to anything that the value it proposes is not eternal. Anything that the pleasure or enjoyment it proposes is temporary or that I enjoy today and suffer tommorow, I don’t subscribe and its not a value in the philosophy of system. The basis of me choosing an option is that the happiness, wealth, peace, love, fame or whatever it is I sort for which I choose the option is that the value is guaranteed to come and that when it comes, that it will last forever. How then can I get to know which option when making choices is guaranteed to deliver the value it propose and that it will last forever

Now listen

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Episode 4

One decision can change the whole outcome of ones life for better and one wrong decisions can also turn out to be a great night mare and shatter the life of a person. You can ask that man who decided to apply for that competition and won and you can ask that guy who decided to get involved in the execution of the robbery and now sentenced to life in prison and same senerio can be replicated in critical areas such as business, marriage, relationship, family, ministry and health

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Episodes 6

It’s good to fight for someone you love but it’s totally irrational to fight for someone to love you

When it comes to matters of love, trust me I have had my own share of heart break or love denials and I can tell you it fractures and cripples my esteem – this most times has a lot to do with fighting to win the heart of the one you love. Based on this hurtful experiences, it has helped me in digging deep inside to find out this root of love and finding the true one.

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Maximize the value on this platform through the info you have on the photo. Learn and teach, propose and execute jobs, invest and find true friends on the platform


Episodes 5

There is something I have observed from my own experience and experience of very good number of people and it’s really disheartening and reason very many people can want to commit suicide and give up but as soon as I got that I have been recording steady growth

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Episode 3

One of the reasons I always ask God to bless me financially is because of the wonderful people who over the years from my infant stage of life till today, have made my journey so far very memorable. Not really to pay them back financially but to help me use that money on projects that will create and establish beautiful memories of them and to inspire others eternally. I know that the essential value in life is to share moment and create beautiful memories that will propel me to move higher in my aim to attain greatness. The point where I am now which of course is beyond where I was before couldn’t have been without your great inputs and contributions. The choice I always make everyday is to invest in creating and establishing memories that will last for a life time.

I tell myself that I may not be able to spend any funds to appreciate your efforts and contributions in my life but I can use my words to tell you all how wonderful you are. You who I met in school, in church, in fellowship, on Facebook group, on WhatsApp group my biological family, my cousins, my parents what essence is my life without you. All my role models my pastors my colleague please don’t stop

The message today is decision to spend on creating and establishing beautiful memories, organize a meeting where we talk about problem and help each other, encouraging people and share belonging. Because I just came across you in this journey of life. some of you I no longer have close, some am yet to meet, some are busy with other things, some have grown higher in level than me, I know that this whole life time is short the time we have to spend with each other is short that’s why I decided to appreciate your contribution of adding yourself to my gallery of people who shape my philosophy and give me amazing experience, established beautiful memories I always go back to admire often and very soon one by one I will talk to the world about and the memories you left me with

Remember life is about the memories we create, establish and share with each other. Therefore your decision today must be to be cautious in whatever you do because you are unconsciously creating memories. People forget about what you said or do long after you left but they don’t forget how you make them feel

Many people spend money on acquisition of possession and things that aren’t of eternal value such that in a short while those things and the pleasure they bring are forgotten, that’s why it is said that the worth of a man is not measured by how much he owns but by the course he lives for, is willing to die for and the price he is ready to pay for it

Now that’s what am saying, spending money and resources on worthy course that revovles around creating better life for others in establish period activities will definitely leave ever green memories in the lives of all beneficiary and witnesses

Decide to make us beautiful memories we would ever live to treasure and cherish

Speaking the philosophy of system


Episodes 2

Making best choices in life requires most times to matchup serveral information knowledge together to make something meaningful and it can take patience. The first decision to make is persistent and never give up attitude

Take for instance a couple of days ago in morning devotional we read about a woman who kept pestering an evil judge to come to her aid for justice and after severally persistent she got her request. Also we have another blind man who heard Jesus was walking along his path and he cried out but was shutout by the crowd still he still shouted more and he got his request

I don’t know how much you have tried to get the request or heart desires achieve but no response yet just keep on and never give up

I know you have been good lady, homely, well behaved and even sexually pure but you end up disappointed by men don’t compromise don’t give up

I know how others in your office are corrupt but you have decided to live upright you have even sacrifice alot to upgrade qualifications but you are still on the same spot please don’t give up

I know you are a wonderful couple and have decided to wait on God to give you your own children but it’s like you are running out of patience don’t ever compromise and don’t give up

Because when he seems to be coming late he is coming big. And he said his eyes are always upon the righteous. Even he promised that if we wait on him, he will renew our strength and we shall never grow weary. Because the joy of the Lord is your strength.

What your decision now should be is to be persistent because persistence breaks resistance

Situation and challenges comes in different ways and form some take more energy and time to break but no matter what challenge they always bow to the persistent and persevering spirit. Those challenges are to make you into the right person who can handle the latter glory. Remember I said success is not about what you achieve but about who you become. This shall also pass because tough time don’t last but tough people do

Decide to be tough by energizing your spirit with word of God and words of encouragement that’s where you get the strength to carry-on until you come through that challenge. Some one said don’t pray for an easy life rather pray for strength to endure and scale through a hard one

Draw strength from biographies and stories of failures of people who decided to keep trying never give up until they win

Jack ma
Thomas Edison
Chinedu Aniakor
Joseph son of Jacob
The woman with issue of blood
Abraham and Sarah
Israel today after they survive the effect of the war

The decision is to persist and never give up
You shall win

Speaking the philosophy of system

Bakery business setup

Project overview

Setting up a bread and biscuit making factory


commerce & industry

Proposed By


Roles/value chain open to

Professional bakers

project manager

social media and promoter

realtor (business location)

project location

(lagos/ogun Nigeria)


To create a onestop confectionery for customers to improve healthy lifestyle in fastfood


Responsible, innovation, cleanliness, friendliness, passion, taking criticism positively,