Learn how you can be a part of the establishment of a redesigned and redefined educational system; based on a new philosophy which provides right training, limitless opportunities and support for individuals and institutions to maximize potentials, experience fulfillment, achieve social harmony and unlimited economic growth and prosperity

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Realizing a happy wealthy and progressive society depends on people being channeled & trained in line with their area of natural abilities, interest and passion and providing opportunities and support that enables them earn from it and that’s our advantage over other training platforms


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Thrivehood is a socioeconomic development project of solution Virtues aimed at demonstrating how education when structured and approached, following the ideas ideals and principles of systemism translates to individuals wellness and fulfillment, more effective institutions, social harmony and socioeconomic prosperity

The right training propels and aligns with individuals unique nature and relevant to his purpose of existence

Just as it takes the soil for the tree to survive and flourish, and the water for the fish to survive and grow, so it takes finding and maintaining the right career path for man to excel in life. Begin your learning journey by finding out what career/ training proposes you the highest success potential based on your natural abilities, interest and purpose


Education career & talent development

To identify develop and harness potentials and talents of individuals, effectively helping them establish and grow a rewarding and profitable career and business around their talents passion and potentials.

Employment & recruitment solutions

Our recruitment system matches new school enrollees to right jobs and matches right enrollee to employers and startups to grow successful corporations. Our pool of jobs vacancies and employment opportunities spring forth from numerous projects, our products, business ideas of enrollees, the admin, outsourcing, internal admin roles and ideas that evolved into enterprises

Enterprise Support & Idea Development

Through special tools, products, training programs, networking and sharing opportunities, the platforms provide both financial, human resource and structural support to develop ideas into profitable brands and to sustain businesses

Finance & Investment

We identify and help you invest in best opportunities within the platform, we pay interest monthly and help manage your earnings which assures you a safe and secure present and future financial state

Exhibition & Connection

The platform help you establish genuine connection for career and business growth through programs and enabling environment it provides to showcase your unique potential talents style and works.


Whatever it is you want to buy or sell: products service or skill, our online market provide good platform to display items and execute sales.

our Products

The New School

Only education which prioritizes purpose discovery and talent development, is practical oriented, adopts methods that cater for learners individual differences, effectively directs passion and interest to problem solving, adopts skill and character development based curriculum, can definitely translate into a happy, wealthy, peaceful and progressive society

Start-up recruitment system

Having an idea or just beginning as a solopreneur and you need committed and passionate team? the algorithm helps you find and recruit people with matching values and complementing traits to recruit into and establish a startup with support from thrivehood to scale-up and thrive

Enterprise Recruitment System

Finding and sourcing the right people to recruit into your organizations workforce has become seamlesss based on the intervention of our technological system which help sort and select people according to their matching values, interest purpose and traits to your organizaton’s vision


The floor is open for all users and enrollees to buy and sell wide range of diverse product services and skill with ease of payment and sales


Enjoy special offers and benefits exclusive to paid membership at token fee which includes highly subsidized training fees, free trainings, monthly conference attendance, job placements and business support and funding among others zero commission on sales, free deals

Share your knowledge

Discover how you and your business can establish additional income stream, make more impact, increase brand awareness and value, extend your reach by sharing/ offering your knowledge, skills, ideas, experiences, stories and platform for training in order to develop and maximize potentials to propel success

The Philosophy of system (SYSTEMISIM)

Discover how institutions and individuals of society can achieve social harmony, prosperity, inexhaustible wealth and eternal peace through educational system, policies and cultural practices that is based on the ideas, ideals and principles of systemism

You are limitless

The human potential and capacity is only able to be tapped into 5%  leaving the rest 95% rotting beneath the earth at death. This reveal there much more you are capable of  and no limit to what you can be and achieve throughout your life time with the right kind of education. Begin the journey to maximizing all that you were created to be by enrolling for the prep course

Earn 100% annual returns investing in thrivehood projects

Thrivehood investors funds are used to fund projects around job creation, securities and financial assest, startups and individual talents development across sectors and they earn 100% annual returns on investment

Featured Courses


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Online Professional & Apprenticeship Program by HES & CHIKAS GLOBAL INDUSTRY LTD


Offline Academic/professional & internship program by VSONET EDUCATION

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Join our course and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed to maximize potentials and contribute significantly to betterment of society.

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